Holistic Education

The school keenly focuses on developing all-round personalities of students so that, they have the competence and ability to lead a successful life and serve as responsible citizens of the country. For this purpose, the idea of providing holistic learning experiences lie at the core of all teaching learning engagements planned and executed in the school. The school ensures that a full day entails the child being involved in myriad activities like: Circle time, Show and tell, Art and craft, music, dance, language, number work, free play and projects related to establishing a strong and real connect and understanding of the world around them.


We provide intrinsic and effective amalgamation of:

  • Visual and performing arts to inculcate a sense of self-expression and nurture creativity.
  • Sport and physical education activities are scheduled to improve strength, stamina and fitness of students. Also, Sports in education ensures that the young learners build and chisel their leadership skills, collaborative skills, self-management skills and problem solving skills.
  • Community service initiatives, disaster management programmes, social and environmental awareness activities are a regular feature in the school so that, students understand their role and responsibilities as social beings and pledge to take actions that safeguard the interests of society and preserve environment.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to teaching learning is followed whereby, the concepts are taught while integrating a variety of disciplines.
  • Robust Reading Programme: By ensuring that the students have access to a dynamic and interactive library, children excel in language and cognitive learning and become effective communicators.


The school has an idyllic, spacious campus designed to provide holistic school education.


Classrooms: Adequately ventilated, spacious and attractive classrooms.


Digital Library: The Library has a large number of books, reference books & encyclopedias.


Modern Computer Lab: A well equipped computer lab with internet connectivity.


Security: CCTV Cameras and well trained security personnel.


ARYA PUBLIC SCHOOL is a leading day boarding school where future generations are inspired to become confident and enthusiastic life-long learners, ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges of a global world.


Arya Public School

Arya Public School